Tricky-Dip Is Good For No One

August 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

In my last couple of posts, I explained a bit about the characters who were emerging from the mass of words and phrases I’ve generated using the sentence-combining technique.  This poem is an alternate version of the one in yesterday’s post, and it is spoken by the older woman I mentioned there.  She is addressing the three boys described in an earlier post, the ones who threw their experiments on the front porch.  It was her porch, I now realize.  Perhaps she is an aunt and the science boys spend summers with her.  At any rate, she is in some way a maternal figure to them.  Her house is a shack, in a rural setting.   She has just discovered the stuff that they had hastily abandoned in alarm.  She says (in trochaic tetrameter, because I am a fan of Longfellow):

“Ah, no, what’s in this concoction?

Tell me now you didn’t use it!

Tricky-Dip is not for students,

Tricky-Dip is good for no one

‘Cept perhaps that vile dump man

For that’s how he makes his money,

Selling Tricky-Dip to dummies.”

Saying this, she grasped the bottle

And it trembled while she held it

“It’s about to blow,” she bellowed

“Run away, behind the outhouse.”

These last words she shrieked, but bravely

As the students ran for cover

To the sound of seagulls squawking

And a mighty fearsome rumbling

With its volume still increasing

That now made the forest tremble,

That now made the front porch rattle.

They were deafened by the roaring

Of the Tricky-Dip exploding,

Saw the porch projected, airborne,

Clutched the seagulls for protection,

Cried aloud in shame and sorrow

For the woman who had saved them.


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