Beekeeping on the Moon

August 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Who doesn’t love oracles?  I once had the opportunity to visit the Oracle of Delphi many years ago.  It was spring, the almond trees were in full bloom on Mount Parnassus, the road up the mountain was narrow and winding.  I seem to recall that some motion sickness was involved, but no matter, because the breathtaking splendor of the scenery coupled with the thrill of visiting the Oracle—well, words cannot express the excitement I felt.  I remember that the day was gloriously sunny, with the sky the color of blue that is only found in Greece, punctuated here and there with small fluffy clouds.

There were ruins with pillars—the temple of Apollo—and other awe-inspiring works of art and architecture too numerous to recount. Best of all, at the Delphi Archaeological Museum I came face to face with the ancient bronze statue known as The Charioteer.

I never actually got to speak with the Oracle, so I actually only visited Delphi.  Nevertheless, just being in the same spot where Apollo spoke through the Pythia was something I will never forget.  So what would she have said to me, had I been able to hear her?  Possibly this:

Shaving cream is impractical for a plowed field,

A magnifying glass made of hair,

Bread crumbs grafted onto a faucet,

Beekeeping on the moon.

A lesson on impracticality.  I wonder why she would have told me that…


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