Pretend Cocoa

September 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

I think someone in the alternate universe inside my notebook is writing a self-help guide to better living.  Here is an excerpt:

Ignore all the frustrations of a dawn breakfast.

A habit of making crude pretend cocoa is a highly-valued virtue with a calming influence.

Let it sit for several days in a hotel room, without disturbing it.

So, making fake hot chocolate can sooth frayed nerves, calm tempers, bring about serenity.  Apparently it is recommended that the reader cultivate the habit of getting up at dawn to do this.

What ingredients go into this hot-chocolate substitute?  What do you do with it after it has—uh, settled? fermented? evaporated?—for several days?  And does it have to sit in an expensive hotel room?

Since it is pretend cocoa, I’m hoping you only have to pretend to drink it.


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