Venomous Rusty Double

September 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

A new voice from within the pages of my notebook.  This one seems to be a tiller of the soil…

Spine of a snake on my land

I froze in summer.

Did this person freeze the snake remains (it is a well-known fact that some artists keep animal carcasses in their freezer), or freeze at the first sight of them?

Later, upon finding a shed snakeskin, apparently with a reddish hue:

Venomous rusty double, pulled and crinkled,

Shed skin with the shape of other things.

In the shape of other things?!  Like what?  Shoes? Car keys? Pumpkins?  How did the snake manage to do that, and, more importantly, why?


§ One Response to Venomous Rusty Double

  • Susan says:

    In the time of year for change, shedding one’s skin is a good idea. Ridding the domicile and the body of all unnecessary cover. To
    travel less burdened. Old resentments. Old painful and unresolved emotions. Dis-eases. Yes! Let’s slip out of them effortlessly. Perhaps what we leave behind in that covering will be useful information to those who find it……………………….

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