Just Jot Them Down

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

You’d better get going if you hope to get there before dark.

I should have mentioned the detour before now,

But here are explanatory diagrams rolled up in this tube.

If you leave now, you’ll avoid the black-hearted giants who lurk in the park.

Any corrections to our maps, any observations you might have

Would be greatly appreciated.  Just jot them down as you go

With the pen in the tube.  Watch out for the murky downspout gauntlet

Which starts dripping at about this time every day.  Which reminds me,

The bag in the tube is for collecting indigenous mushrooms;

If you could, please include one of each kind that you see on your trip.

Be careful, they’re fragile; oh, and wash your hands after handling them,

Better safe than sorry.  You really must be off if you’re to avoid going through

Those oppressive compartments of varying dimensions

Stretching all the way to the horizon.

Look here, the distinguished beginner with the teapot of eggnog

Wishes to make a toast to your successful journey!

Don’t worry, I’ve set the toast-timer (he can be long-winded).

So, you’re all set, right?  Oh, I almost forgot,

There’s a questionnaire in the bottom of the tube. 

If you fill it out before you leave, and just drop it in the red barrel,

Your name will automatically be entered in our drawing

For a gift certificate good towards the purchase of

Another journey of your choice.


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