Pilgrimage, Day 1

February 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

Her pilgrimage began with

Circumambulation in the hotel lobby.

She raked her bare toes through the thick carpeting

That had been vacuumed at daybreak

By acolytes in rayon-and-acetate garb,

Paper booties covering their shoes.

She slowly spiraled inward, closing in on

The complementary continental breakfast

Which was really an elaborate smorgasbord

Of gravlax and capers, watercress soup,

Lemon mousse, mimosas, and crème caramel.

Nearly within arm’s length,

She bore the pain of waiting in line with great good will

Smiling sweetly and thinking good thoughts

While she listened to the harpist play lilting melodies.

Her voice joined those of the devout religieuses

To recite lighthearted incantations

Punctuated with refrains of tinkling laughter.


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