Umber (7)

February 28, 2012 § 6 Comments

I handed the estate sale coordinator twenty-one dollars and eighty cents.  She handed me a cardboard box, and, as I lugged my 218 photos to the car, I pensively reflected upon the fact that there had been no descendents to claim the pictures.  This was followed by a few milliseconds dedicated to silently berating myself for wasting time and money on old pictures of people I didn’t know.  But these thoughts were quickly replaced by cheerful and sustained anticipation of sorting through my newly-acquired gold mine of portraits.


§ 6 Responses to Umber (7)

  • Cynthia did this once and did a whole series of wonderful art works on her “lost relatives!” depicting herself in them as a little house with stilts…maybe you’ve seen some of them?
    Your posts are changing! Are you doing more art with them? I love that crow drawing…
    I’ve started playing around with some new things too. Winter seems to do that. I cut my hair short, painted my stairwell, rearranged my bedroom… have been sitting in front of old movies on tv drawing little abstractions.
    Soon it will be time to start plants indoors. You gave me a wonderful tomato plant once. Do you remember what kind it was?

  • Cynthia and I seem to be drawn to similar ideas–I haven’t seen that series, but I’d love to!

    I’m planning some artist’s books and working on egg temperas right now. I rearranged our bedroom, too–yes, it must be a winter thing And in the evening I’ve been sitting in front of old episodes of Deep Space Nine and drawing.

    What kind of plants will you start this year? I’m not sure, but the tomato might have been a “Silvery Fir Tree”–smaller tomatoes, shaped kind of like a fir tree until it got bigger. If I can find the seeds (I think I saved some) I will start a bunch this year, too.

    I’d love to see the new things you’ve been working on–will stop by your studio one of these days, been meaning to do that for awhile now.

    By the way, how did your piece for the crayon art auction come out? My attempt was a dismal failure! I started with a bunch of melted crayons on paper which I collaged together, but when I tried coloring over the top of them, the results were not good! I felt bad about not having anything there; I hope they had a good turnout.

  • jae brown says:

    Perhaps they could be cobbled together to make an offensive caricature of Rick Santorum?

  • surprise3 says:

    Could you possibly send me the Crow drawing? I’m saving your sketches. Tnx

  • You mean the drawing I use for my logo?

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