Umber (17)

March 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

I started a stack of “Luther and Lorraine” photos.  As I shuffled through the small mountain of papers, I found a third picture of Not-Umber-Eyes.  She looked even younger than she had appeared in the snapshot with her dog, and stood on a chair next to a plump young woman who must have been her mother.  I turned the picture over, and read “Vera and Olly Belle.”

“Is your name Olly Belle?” I asked.

If a sepia portrait can turn scarlet, then she did.

“Oleander,” she mumbled.

“And Vera is your mother?”

She nodded and moved a bit closer to her mother.

Not wanting her to feel embarrassed, I said “Oleander is a lovely name.”

She grimaced.

As I placed the portrait in my new “Oleander and Vera” pile, I heard her say, “My father calls me ‘Jimmy’.”


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