Umber (19.21 — Vera’s Story)

April 2, 2012 § 5 Comments

After church, my relatives all took their customary spots in the parlor.  I was glad I didn’t have to sit there in silence, seen and not heard.  I felt restless, and didn’t relish the thought of being cooped up in the kitchen.  I made some excuse for going to the garden, and dawdled there, admiring the bees in the honeysuckle, until I could see my father’s face in the window.  I could tell he was wondering what was taking me so long.  I went back into the house through the kitchen door, letting it slam behind me.


§ 5 Responses to Umber (19.21 — Vera’s Story)

  • Hi Margo. This sounds like it might be based on your own childhood memories??
    I don’t know if you get my comments. Would it be better to make them on Facebook?

  • Hi, Joyce! Actually, Vera is based loosely on my grandmother–her mother died when she was eight, and she had to raise her cousin. My mother told me some fascinating stories that her mother had told her. My grandmother died when I was four, but I remember her so well, even after 53 years! We were very close; she was my favorite person in the entire world. It has been interesting to take those few stories I heard from my mother and try to figure out how it might have happened…

    Have you been leaving comments lately? Another friend told me that WordPress had a glitch and sometimes wouldn’t let her leave comments. Facebook would be fine! I love reading your comments, and really appreciate them.

  • surprise3 says:

    Trying again….hope this gets through. Love the images and the tale.

  • surprise3 says:

    Well just retried and was able to log in…AGAIN…but at least it worked. At least as trying as trying to find excitement on a Sunday afternoon, right?

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