Umber (19.25–Vera’s Story)

April 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

I had heard the phrase “Spare the rod” often enough in my  childhood.  Just the threat of corporal punishment had always been enough to keep my transgressions to a minimum.  But, as I looked at the faces of my elders, I was afraid I had crossed the line this time.  I could see that Grandma was furious.  Papa wore an expression that—well, I’m not sure what that expression was.  More serious than ever.  I think I’d have preferred it if he had just looked angry.

My father finally broke the silence by saying, “Little girl, someday you’ll wish you had that steak.”  That’s all he said.  He turned around and walked out of the kitchen.


§ One Response to Umber (19.25–Vera’s Story)

  • Ann Yee says:

    Oooooh, Papa sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about him. I remember Grandma always telling me how much she hated hamburger gravy on toast because they ate it so often during the depression (little bits of hamburger floating in gobs of gravy). Bet she wished she’d had a steak instead 🙂

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