Umber (21.9 — Leroy’s Story)

May 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

I kept going out with Florence for awhile, mainly because I had started looking forward to seeing Vera at the church while Florence was confessing her sins.

Vera didn’t say much to me at first.  She was too interested in whatever it was she was thinking about.  She studied the statues a lot, and the windows.  She seemed so nervous most of the time, like she was afraid someone would yell at her for being there.  I didn’t want to scare her away, but I really wanted to hear her voice again.  One day I sat behind her, closer than usual.  I was just trying to think of something clever to say to her when she turned around and demanded, “where do those doors lead to?”

Surprised, all I could think of to say was, “Where do you think they go?”  This was not the answer she wanted, obviously.  She turned around to face the front of the sanctuary again. 

I leaned forward and whispered loudly, “That one leads to Lefty’s Bar.”

She bowed her head, and I saw her shoulders shake.  She was laughing. 


§ 2 Responses to Umber (21.9 — Leroy’s Story)

  • surprise3 says:

    Good writing…you’re capturing Vera and Leroy’s personalities ….oil and water, for sure.

    • Thanks, Paula…I’m finding that writing this way (by the seat of my pants) is sort of like trying to play chess, trying to see so many moves ahead, trying to decide which avenue the characters should take…I thought I had the whole story roughly mapped out, but I’ve rewritten my outline twice as I see new possibilities…

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