Umber (21.18 — Leroy’s Story)

May 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Although she was rather quiet at first, once she got started she had much to say on the subject of Purgatory.  She wondered how hard you had to concentrate on reciting an indulgence before it really took away 100 years of Purgatory.  What if your mind wandered, or some external event distracted you?   She loved the rhythm of  litanies.  She was trying to compose one herself, and wondered if there was any way of telling how much each phrase would be worth.  Would one “Saint Agnes, pray for us,” take away a month of suffering for the soul waiting to be purified so it could enter the Kingdom of Heaven?  Or would that be too much for the beginning composer of litanies to expect?

I had no interest in Catholic dogma mumbo-jumbo, but plenty of interest in Vera.  I tried to come up with intelligent responses just so I could keep hearing her voice, which sounded like prairie grasses rustling and bees humming in blossoming pear trees.


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