Umber (21.20 — Leroy’s Story)

May 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

This was the first time Vera and I had a long conversation.  Vera, with her eyes the color of the Nebraska sky on a summer morning, asked me about my family.  I told her how all my sisters were teachers; even my mother had a college degree, and Dad was a wealthy Iowa farmer.  This was all true, but I was in the habit of embellishing the truth, especially around women. I told her I was the black sheep of my family, also true, but instead of telling her the real reason–that I was an irresponsible gambler who wasn’t interested in holding down a regular job–I said it was because I had converted to Catholicism, just like she had.

Since she seemed to believe that, I also told her I was a railroad engineer, and I guessed she believed that, too, ‘cause I had plenty of money at the time, and drove a fine automobile.  I was just about to tell her another lie when a sharp rap on the window brought me back to reality.



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