Umber (27.2 — Father Hoolihan’s Confession)

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I can’t repeat the things Vera told me in the confessional, of course, but either she has an overactive imagination, or else the saints have blessed her with miraculous visions.  Not visions, really; more like sounds.  She told me–outside of the confessional–that the statues in St. Agnes’ talk to her.  I told her this was very uncommon, and she must not say this to anyone else, because it might be seen as a sign of mental instability.  “I don’t feel unstable,” she said, though I sensed some self-doubt on her part.  But, in truth, she didn’t seem unstable to me either.  Just exceedingly beautiful.  She has a voice that could make the angels weep with joy.  No, I don’t know if she would be interested in joining the choir; I just mean that when she talks, you want to listen forever…where was I?  What was I saying?  What I mean to say is, she didn’t seem the least bit deranged to me.  Creative, inquisitive, imaginative, certainly, and very young, but at least practical enough to know what’s real and what isn’t. Perhaps the saints have chosen to speak to her.  According to the Church, it has happened before.


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