Umber (27.3 — Father Hoolihan’s Confession)

June 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

I asked her what the saints said to her.  She said they related details about their lives, miraculous and mundane.  They give her news about her mother, who is still good at telling stories.  Once they gave her a recipe for plum pudding, though she couldn’t find all the ingredients here in Kearney.  She said sometimes St. Michael and Saint Joan warn her of dangers to watch out for.  Sometimes she doesn’t understand what they’re trying to tell her.  I asked her if they mentioned anything about her marriage.  “Not until I was walking down the aisle,” she said, and then it was too late, wasn’t it?  She had already promised to marry Leroy, and she felt that it would be wrong to break her word to him…


§ One Response to Umber (27.3 — Father Hoolihan’s Confession)

  • surprise3 says:

    Still up, because I found this one unread. Oh my! I think I relate to where this is going, with the slow walk down the aisle to the beat of OMG what am I doing? (Check all previous comments back to wedding)

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