Umber (31.9 –Alice’s Story)

June 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Some of us in our family–my side of the family, not your father’s–have a certain talent that manifests itself in various ways.

For example, I could read messages in the sticks and stones by the lake.  A lot of the time they were too jumbled to be anything but gibberish, but occasionally I’d be surprised by a fragment of a sentence, a bit of a paragraph that would tell me things, like “rain fell sideways” or “dog boat yonder.”  Stones and sticks are phonetic, and I could read them just like the alphabet.  The meanings were often baffling, but sometimes they were prophetic.

My own mother was visited by her ancestors in her dreams.  She would say things at the breakfast table like, “Charlemagne was complaining about the plumbing again last night.”  And her father; he knew when someone was coming to visit before they arrived.  He would tell his wife to put an extra plate at the table, and, sure enough, someone would knock at the door just before dinner.


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