Umber (33.1 — Lorna’s Story)

June 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

My grandson certainly has not lived up to the high standards his parents have set for him.  Leroy was a spoiled child, and learned to charm his way through life at an early age, getting everything he wanted without having to work for it. He gambled away the allowance his father sent him, and frittered away his time on loose women.  He’s been engaged three times that I know of.  I was skeptical when we received a letter from Leroy inviting us to his wedding.  We expected to hear that it had been called off, as was always the case before, but as the date approached, it seemed more and more likely that this time he was serious.  His mother moped and cried and carried on until she nearly drove the rest of us crazy.  She wanted Leroy to marry Opal Barnes, not some Catholic stranger.  She refused to acknowledge his letter, thinking that if she ignored it, it—the wedding– might not happen.


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