Umber (33.4 — Lorna’s Story)

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I wanted to meet my new daughter-in-law, so I wrote to Leroy and told him to meet Pearl, Jewell and I at the train station in Laramie .

Vera was a sweet and pretty woman, so young, and much nicer than my granddaughters had suggested.  She had brought a picnic lunch, so we piled into Leroy’s fancy car and drove from the train station to the nearby park.

Vera had put her good silverware in the picnic basket.  She told us that the silverware had been her mother’s, and that her sister Kate had given it to her before they left Kearney. She spread a tablecloth beneath a large apple tree, while my ill-mannered granddaughters told Leroy how Opal Barnes still wore a locket with his picture in it around her neck, and wanted him back in the worst way.  “She really looks lovely, Leroy, I don’t know why you ignored her,” Jewell gushed in a simpering voice.  “And her father is very wealthy, Leroy,” Pearl said, emphasizing the word “wealthy” as she sneered at Vera’s run-down shoes.

Vera pretended not to listen to their prattle, though her face flushed, making her cheeks bright pink.  She carefully arranged napkins, plates and silverware on the tablecloth, not looking up, keeping her eyes on what she was doing.


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