Umber (33.9 — Leroy’s Letter)

June 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Dear Grandma,
Thank you for your card.  It was nice to see you and my sisters last month.  Vera is doing fine; the baby is due in just two months.  I am certain it will be a boy.  We’re going to call him Jimmy.  Vera wants to have him baptized by the priest at St. Joan of Arc’s church.  Don’t tell mother.

I am looking for a job in town–in Laramie–so that the baby can be in better surroundings.  I’m having a rough time finding anything, so we are still living in the camp, and I’m still putting in a full days work hauling logs.  I promise to keep looking for work and to make you proud of me, Grandma.  I know I’ve goofed up sometimes, but now that I am a family man, I plan to do better.

Thank you for the money you sent.

Love, your reformed grandson,


§ One Response to Umber (33.9 — Leroy’s Letter)

  • surprise3 says:

    Love Leroy’s last line in letter…”thanks for the $ you sent…”. Still reader wants him to grow up and he and Vera to thrive. Just know there’s a way to weave your art into this story.

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