Umber (34 — Ervin’s Photo)

July 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

Katie told me that Verey was going to have a baby, and I wanted to go up to Laramie to see it–him–my new cousin, and Katie said we might take a trip up north to visit him after he was born, but then Katie said that the baby went to heaven right after it-he-was born.  So I won’t get to see him, but Katie and Dad say  my mom and Aunt Alice will look after him.  I bet Verey feels sad about losing her baby before she got to know him.  I wish Uncle Orville would stop being mad at Verey, because I miss her, and it’s not the same without her around, even if she wasn’t a very good cook.

I have to go feed the cows.


§ 2 Responses to Umber (34 — Ervin’s Photo)

  • surprise3 says:

    Oh, No!! Did not expect this turn of events.

    But wait….where is Ervin’s Photo? Did I miss something? I understand this is Ervin speaking.

    Oh, and back to my precious Words….Recognize, Understanding, Knowing.
    Hard to explain..but (to me) Recognize is an instinctive awareness of an elusive Truth in another person’s words, eyes, actions and/or words on a page, like a momentary current of energy between two minds; Understanding is seeing with our mind’s eye the to one and beyond, embracing all intelligence with this truth and its logic; And Knowing is the internal acceptance of the grain of wisdom that has been given and received and allowing it to be absorbed into our being until we are ready for another gift of recognition. Never put this into words before and feel so inept in sharing except in poetry sometimes.

    • Hey, Paula, thank you. I didn’t really explain about where the narrator found Ervin’s photo…I was hoping the title would suffice, but I think it was a little confusing. I have so much to learn.

      The three words are so thought provoking. I feel this way when I look at some artwork, like the huge painting by Julius Stewart at the MOCA in LA, called “The Baptism.”

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