Umber (39.3 — Snowy Range)

July 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

The view — the view! — from the front door of the cabin stopped you in your tracks, still as a stone sculpture, enveloped in dazzling silence, until you started to hear the murmurings of the bear grass echoing from the cliffs.

The cabin was drafty, so we stuffed badger pelts in the bigger cracks in the walls.  Leroy hunted, fished, trapped, cut firewood, and vowed to find enough gold in the mine to take us to Picardy, where we would buy the very finest French automobile and tour the French countryside, visiting Reims and Chantilly and Amiens, exploring great cathedrals and small parish churches, picnicking in the cemeteries and on the lawns of chateaux.

Best of all, while we lived in Snowy Range, we were too far away from civilization for Leroy to get involved in any poker games. I planted a garden, canned, raised chickens and embroidered baby clothes.  In spite of the hardships of living in such a remote place, or maybe because of them, we grew closer than ever.  We would watch the sun set over the granite cliffs, and talk about how our baby would speak French, and how we would learn to make fancy pastries’ and head cheese — Leroy loved head cheese — tongue in aspic, and napoleans.

Leroy made me promise to learn to dance the can-can.  We pranced around the little cabin, me 8 months pregnant, he with his hat on sideways and his hand stuck inside his jacket like Napoleon, until we collapsed, howling with laughter.  I have never been happier.


§ 3 Responses to Umber (39.3 — Snowy Range)

  • surprise3 says:

    I love this…great sense of place and character study/Leroy again but definitely revealing more of Vera. Wish I was there or you here. Have found some kindred writing spirits who meet for critique..& one of the groups has artists and writers that I’m invited to join this Wed. Will be interesting to see how this plays out but think it will be interesting. Maybe you (with like so much extra time, right!) could get something of the sort going. Anyway, we all need editors/readers and ‘second eyes’, for our work, don’t you think?
    PS-think my kids and grandsons will be up again your way to see Tom this week; maybe you’ll get to meet them this time.
    NightNight…or Good Morning EST..

    • That sounds like a great group–let me know how it goes/what you do, etc. I wish I did have time to start such a group up here. I am painting furiously, trying to get ready for my show.

      Hope to meet kids and grandkids this time!

  • surprise3 says:

    Oh, I left a couple comments between 36. and this one tonight.

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