Umber (40 — Noises in the Drawer)

July 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I heard noises coming from my desk drawer.

It was the photo of Anna, though she sounded much more subdued than she had earlier.  I was certain she had been bare-headed when I shoved her photo in the drawer, but she now wore a cloche hat with appliqued flowers.  Apparently she did not want to talk to me, but began speaking directly to her son.

“Leroy, please come home,” she cooed.

“You can bring the new baby.  I will raise it.  I am confused, is it a boy or a girl?  The letter from that woman you married says its name is Oleander, but you told Lorna that its name is Jimmy, like the first one.  Whichever it is, it’s your duty to see that it is raised in a decent home.  Don’t let that woman—the mother—corrupt this child.  Do the right thing this time, and maybe God will let this baby live.  Dad is still willing to pay you if you’ll come home and help him farm.”


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