Umber (45.3 — Brigid O’Toole’s Story)

July 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

“Are you a friend of Vera’s?” I asked the old Irish woman.

“Indeed I am,” she answered.  The poor missus needed my help with the wee one, and I needed a place to live, after I was let go from my last babysitting position.  They said I was deranged, can you imagine that?  They said I frightened their children by telling them stories about the little people.  But Miss Vera was happy to find me.  I watch little Oleander while her mother cooks at the school.  I don’t know what HE does with his time, other than filling the cellar with dead animals.  He’s gone a lot.  But Miss Vera doesn’t like me to criticize him, so I just hold my tongue.”


§ 2 Responses to Umber (45.3 — Brigid O’Toole’s Story)

  • surprise3 says:

    i think ‘babysitting’ might be an anachronism for the time period; i think housekeeping would fit or just ‘position’ probably better.
    Sorry to have been away from Vera and her sweet hubbie for so long; my little boys caught cold/fever and I’ve been subbing for day care most of week plus writing,dogs,gardening and helping at theatre. Not complaining…a full life!

    • Oh, I hope your little guys are better now–cold and fever are no fun!

      Good to know about “babysitting.” I’ve probably used some other words and phrases that aren’t quite right for the time period…

      I can only imagine how your garden must be doing out there! Here, our tomatoes are just starting to turn something other than green.

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