Umber (45.5 — Brigid O’Toole’s Story)

July 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

When it came time to eat, Miss Vera’s husband surprised us all by saying to Oleander, “Jimmy,”–he calls her Jimmy, don’t ask me why–he said to her, “Jimmy, say the special blessing I taught you.” So little Oleander, looking so proud and so pretty in her ruffly dress, stood up and recited:

‘Bless us and bind us,
And tie our hands behind us,
And throw us under the table
Where the devil won’t find us.’

“Her father thought this was pretty funny, but I was shocked.  Miss Vera stood up, stared at all of us, then left the room.  Leroy–that’s the smirking scoundrel’s name–lit up a cigarette and disappeared out the front door.


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