Umber (46.2 — The Rodeo)

July 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

The little old woman named Brigid O’Toole, the one who looked after Oleander while Vera worked in the school’s cafeteria, stared solemnly into the mirror again.

“Oh, sister,” she said, “Miss Vera told her husband to stop his shenanigans and start bringing home a regular paycheck.  ‘Oleander needs shoes and a coat for second grade, and we all need to eat,’ she yelled at him.  Yes, she was quite angry.”

“I didn’t think he could hold down a job for more than a few days, but he found work at the rodeo as a chute boss, whatever that is.  He’s been at it for several months.  He has to travel quite a bit, which is fine with me; I still don’t trust him. Miss Vera is studying to become a nurse, which she says will help her to make a bit more money.  I worry about the poor lady; I hear her pacing the floor at night, and her eyes are red in morning.  She looks exhausted.”

This afternoon Leroy promised to take us to the rodeo.  I don’t really want to go, but just in case Oleander needs me, I’ll tag along.  I’ve never been to a rodeo; it might be fun.  Don’t tell Papa.


§ 2 Responses to Umber (46.2 — The Rodeo)

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