Umber (46.5 — The Rodeo)

July 30, 2012 § 5 Comments

“July Benbow was a trick rider.  She entered the arena standing on the back of a black-and-white horse.  She was tall and thin, with short hair and a square jaw.  She wore a white cowgirl hat, and on a pole she carried an enormous American flag, which whipped around behind her as she and the horse circled the arena.  She put the flag in a flag-holder in the center of the arena, and the fringe of her cowgirl clothes flapped and bounced as she hung off the side of the saddle, clinging to the saddle horn with her feet, her arms waving in the air.  She flipped upside down, her head nearly dragging in the dust, so close to the horse’s hooves that I was afraid she would be trampled.  Then she did a headstand on the saddle.  Then she pulled out a lasso and jumped rope on the back of the horse!  But the best part was when the rodeo clown brought her a second horse, a red one, and she stood with her right foot on the black-and-white horse, and her left foot on the red horse, and they galloped all around the arena.  I thought she was the bravest woman I had ever seen, and for weeks afterwards, I thought only of becoming a trick rider just like her.


§ 5 Responses to Umber (46.5 — The Rodeo)

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