Umber (47.3 — Oleander’s Story)

August 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

When I got to Julie’s house, the door was open, so I called out, “Hello?”  No one answered, but I saw Daddy’s jacket on the couch.


No answer.

“I’m coming in, then,” I announced.  I opened the door and walked in.

No one was in the kitchen, but the faucet had stopped dripping.  That was good, I thought, because I wouldn’t have to wait until he was finished fixing it.

“Is anybody home?”

I heard some sounds coming from another part of the house.  I turned the corner, saying, “Daddy, Mama wants you to come home and—“

He was with Julie, and whatever they were doing, I was pretty sure Mama wouldn’t like it.  Daddy grabbed his shirt and started swearing.

“Damn it, Jimmy, what are you doing barging into someone else’s house uninvited?  Get out of here right now! I’ll deal with you when I get home.”

He was really angry, but also looked kind of afraid.  I’d never seen that expression on his face before.


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