Umber (47.22 — Oleander’s Story)

August 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

So Miss Brigid told us a very scary story about the time her sister and her father got stuck in a bog when they were walking home late one night.

“A cold wind was blowing in from the sea that grey afternoon.   Papa and Siobhan walked to town, and started back for home later than they had planned.  The sun set, and there were only a few pale green streaks left in the western sky, when they noticed a pair of eerie blue lights flickering over the dark landscape.  Papa and Siobhan changed direction to avoid them,  but the lights kept following them.  My father and sister altered their course again, but the lights altered their course, too, and kept getting closer.  Papa and Siobhan tried to run away, but they found themselves ankle-deep in a bog.  They tried to walk out, but the bog sucked at their ankles.  They sank deeper into the muck.  Pretty soon they were hopelessly stuck.  The lights came closer…and closer.”


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