Umber (47.26 — Oleander’s Story)

September 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

“The little people told Papa and Siobhan that if they stepped even one toe off of the invisible island they would turn into sandcastles, to be washed away by the incoming tide.  The only way they could communicate with the loved ones they left behind was to look for them in the bureau mirror that stood in a grove of oak trees in the center of the island, on days with a waxing moon.

“So, a few weeks after the tragic incident, I was sitting in my bedroom, brushing my long, long hair–it reached nearly to the floor, and was black and wavy and thick and lustrous–and I was wondering what had happened to Papa and Siobhan, when my image in the mirror started wavering and changing, until I was looking not at myself, but at my sister.  She told me of the terrible fate that had befallen them, and warned me not to go walking home from town after the sun has set.”

“So when you’re talking to the mirror, you’re talking to them on that island!?” I gasped.

Miss Brigid nodded solemnly.


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