Umber (47.30 — Oleander’s Story)

September 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Mama said, “Well, honey, when I went outside a little while ago, he was not doing too well.  I just got back from the drug store and the druggist—you know, Mr. Steen–told me it sounded like Silvertip had eaten something that made him sick.  He really isn’t doing very well, so we’re just going to let him rest and hope he’ll get better.”

“But Mama, I shared my chicken soup with him last night,” I wailed.  “I gave him my germs– I make him sick!  Please , can I see him?”

“No honey, it wasn’t your germs.”  She hesitated, then said, “He ate something that wasn’t food.  Mr. Steen thinks it was rat poison.  Someone put it in his food bowl under the tree in our backyard.  You can’t see him right now.  Just say some prayers for him.  I’m going back out to tend to him.”

She took a deep breath, pressed her lips together,  and walked out the kitchen door, carrying a blanket.


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