Umber (47.39–Oleander’s Story)

September 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

The next morning, Mama shook my arm and said, “Ollie Belle, wake up.  Good news, honey.  Mama got a raise, so Miss Brigid’s going to make a cake while I’m at work.  I asked Frieda’s mother to send her over in a little while; the two of you can have a tea party this afternoon.”

Frieda showed up in a pretty pink and orange party dress.  I was so surprised when I saw the colors she wore that I spilled my hot chocolate down the front of my yellow blouse.  No matter, said Miss Brigid, it’ll wash out.  Since it was too cold to play outside, Freida and I decided to color.  I found my crayons, and we decided to work together to make and enormous castle, by taping together sheets of tablet paper.

We were engrossed in our work when Miss Brigid told us it was teatime.  I’d told Frieda that Mama had said there’d be cake, so we jumped up and scurried, giggling, into the dining room where we took out places at the table.  Dear Miss Brigid had set such a pretty table, with crepe-paper flowers and cloth napkins and Mama’s good dishes.  She poured us tea and then disappeared into the kitchen.  She was back a minute later, carrying the most beautiful cake I had ever seen.  It had four layers, covered with pink icing, and topped with maraschino cherries.  I could hardly believe my eyes.


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