Umber (49.41 — Oleander’s Story)

September 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I decided to find out if the tea party with the pink cake had been just a crazy coincidence, or something more.  Maybe I had magical powers…

I drew a red and yellow striped box with a blue ribbon on top of it.  I found another envelope, decorated it to look like the kitchen, and put the striped blue-ribboned package and the Oleander paper doll inside of it.  I put it on my nightstand, went into the kitchen, and waited.  Nothing happened.  Miss Brigid told me to go play somewhere else.

I had forgotten about my experiment by the time Mama came home from work.  She took off her heavy coat and I followed her into the kitchen.

“Ollie Belle, I found this stuff in the nurses lounge at work.  The custodian was going to throw it away, but I told him my daughter could use it.  I thought you might be able to make something out of it.”

She handed me a paper bag.  Inside there was red-and-yellow striped wrapping paper and a tangled pile of blue curling ribbon.


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