Umber (53.6 — Ervin’s Story)

October 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

I think everyone was holding their breath–I know I was.  Vera stood up abruptly and stared at her father.

He said “Welcome home, daughter.”

Well, you can imagine how relieved we all felt.  By the end of the evening, Uncle Orville had convinced Vera that she, Oleander, and, yes, Miss Brigid, could move into the old farmhouse at Elm Creek.

“And you don’t have to cook unless you feel like it,” he said.

“So they settled into the farmhouse, and Oleander recovered from her illness.  Vera asked me to teach her to drive.  She bought an old car and found a nursing job at the hospital in Kearney.

Miss Brigid eventually went to join her sister on the other side of the mirror.  Uncle Orville passed away, too.  Oleander grew up, got married, moved way up north.  Vera gave the farmhouse to me when I got married, and she moved into town, to be closer to her work.”

“Did she ever remarry?” I asked him.


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