Umber (62)

October 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

“But why, then, Vera?  I know the Church said you couldn’t remarry, but–I mean–you had your whole life ahead of you…”

“It was strictly a matter of integrity, Marla–my own integrity, I mean.  I promised to be faithful to Leroy til death us do part.  If I can’t be true to my word, what good am I?  I’d rather live alone than lose my self-respect.  Saint Sebastian actually argued with me about this, can you imagine that?  I would have expected a holy person to understand the importance of keeping one’s promises.”

I sighed and squirmed uncomfortably.  When I thought about Vera’s misguided resolve to preserve her integrity, I felt guilty for plotting with Sebastian to improve Vera’s life by somehow getting around the Catholic “no remarriage” rule.  But, why should I feel guilty?  After all, his plan, whatever it was, was surely for her own good.  I just hoped it would allow Vera to keep her sense of integrity.  But, really, why did she have to be so strict about following rules that even a saint believed were too harsh?

“Well,” I told her, “It’s been really nice to talk with you, Vera, but I guess I’d better pay attention to the traffic right now.”

I put the photo where I wouldn’t see it.  I heard Vera say, “Why thank you, Cora,” followed by the rustling of the bag of almonds.


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