Umber (74)

November 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

That night, I awoke to a rustling sound.  I sat up in bed.  My husband was snoring.  Thinking I had probably heard the cat, I was about to lie back down when I heard the noise again.  I got up, pulled on my orange bathrobe, and went to investigate.

I peered into my son’s bedroom.  He was asleep; the cat was asleep next to him.

I heard the noise for a third time, and realized it was coming from downstairs.  I picked up the hairdryer from the bathroom shelf and slowly, quietly made my way down the steps.

Someone wearing a blue hoodie was standing near the bottom of the stairs.  I prepared to launch the hairdryer at the intruder’s head when he said, “You feel like taking a little trip, Miss Marla?”


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